Sunday, 31 August 2014

Just when you think you have it all worked out................... throws you a curve ball!!!

What a week, filled with absolute highs and devastatingly low lows. Hang on tight, it's everywhere. I've had to re-read all the astro blurbs and hone up my grounding skills this weekend. Bottom line - the big players, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are all in positions they haven't been in for a very long time. The last time they were situated as they are now, the world saw war and revolution which resulted in change on a massive level. We are sitting in this position right now, which became horribly evident for me this week.

I have a huge problem with people meddling with things that are working pretty perfectly, best they have ever been in fact. So when people make decisions that affect the entire way things operate, knowing full well the impact the changes will have, it can be a little devastating to say the least. On Friday after a 'reveal' (work related - future plans) I walked away feeling totally gutted. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I spent yesterday trying to reclaim my equilibrium. All I could think was, not only were we being abandoned, it also felt like we were being thrown to the wolves!! My instant reaction was of course, to take flight. It totally consumed me in a negative way and I knew I needed to rework my thinking. At this point in my life I am traveling 'the destiny path' so leaving is not an option. I am right where I need to be at this moment in my life, for the Universe to work it's magic and reveal to me the bigger picture. After a day of sorting and gathering resources, I am sitting in a much better position.

"When life throws curve balls at you, do not try to dodge them. They are meant to hit you, to mould you and to shape you to become the person you are meant to be. 
Enjoy the impact, smile and move on." 

Zainab Hussain

I spent the first part of yesterday reading up (again) about the shift and the changes we are seeing, and finding tools to help us through it. Kathy Biehl's work is amazing, she is totally tuned in with the Universe and has many resources available on her website, which are very very helpful.

In amongst her articles I found a link to a recorded message, an hour long, 'Navigating the shift with ease'. In this talk Kathy teaches three steps to help - grounding yourself correctly, removing residual negative energies from past experiences and reclaiming your own energy which you have scattered throughout other people's auras. This was an amazing exercise which left me feeling in a much calmer and better position than when I started out the day. Truly, this was extremely helpful.

Another pretty basic exercise you can do, is just that, exercise!! If your energies are swirling way too fast and you feel a little out of control, go for a long, fast walk. Run, row, box, any activity that will disperse the energies coursing through you. I rowed for what seemed and eternity and walked  5 ks. It all helps. At the end of the day, with my mind, body & soul realigned, I have shifted into battle mode and this is how I now feel!!!


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sabbatical - mine!!!

Sabbatical (from Latin sabbaticus, from Greek sabbatikos, from Hebrew shabbat, i.e., Sabbath, literally a "ceasing") is a rest from work, or a break, often lasting from two months to a year. In recent times, "sabbatical" has come to mean any extended absence in the career of an individual in order to achieve something. In the modern sense, one takes sabbatical typically to fulfill some goal, e.g., writing a book or traveling extensively for research.

So, seems I have been on a sabbatical. When I look at how many posts I have written for this year, I am shocked and mortified. Not only at how little I have achieved in terms of the blog, but also at how fast this year has slipped by. I began full time work in the 'regular world' in October 2013 and 'my world' suddenly took a back seat (prior to this the work was only part time as needed, so I could easily run between the two). Shock and confusion have reigned supreme in this brain as I have tried to comprehend and make sense of it all. Going from being someone who has had total control of their world, to being someone working in a type of place I had never worked before (or ever imagined I would work for that matter) has been rather confronting. I just couldn't get my head around the whole concept and on numerous occasions have spat the dummy big time, questioning the sense of the powers that be who randomly throw this stuff at us. I couldn't for the life of me figure what was behind their thinking!! Nor would they provide the answers I wanted until they were good and ready. Thankfully, the old 'go with the flow' thing stayed just on my periphery and the bigger picture has slowly begun to reveal itself.

"If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on." Sheryl Sandberg 

This year has been all about change. The shift is here big time and we need to 'get with it' or it will slam us into a brick wall harder than we have ever been slammed before. All the outmoded and useless layers are being peeled away on every level. Yesterday I walked into my room and dragged everything from my wardrobe and drawers, then proceeded to throw half the contents away!! Packed it all straight into boxes ready to be delivered to Goodwill tomorrow. Use it or lose it! There is a burning desire to go through the entire house at the moment, a room at a time, to totally declutter and re-invent. As above, so below - this is what is happening to us. We are being reworked, pushed into becoming all that we can be. So I have stepped up..........and taken my seat. The Sabbatical is over!

I have found Kathy Biehl's astrology site invaluable whilst trying to surf my way through this change. She covers absolutely everything we need to know and has words of encouragement for the dark passages that inevitably come with such huge transitions.

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