Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday fun day!!

Here I am, sitting on a Sunday and wondering what to do??? My day usually starts with the reading of an email from my darling, absent husband, no email today?? I think I am at last waking up to the fact that Saturday night is party night at the Mawson base and I don't factor into the equation (it's only taken three months for this revelation to sink in, bit slow do you think??) God his life is going to be so boring when he lands back here in his old world......I'm thinking there will be a heavy thud when he hits ground!!

Morning time is computer time, yes I have an addiction I admit it, first thing I do is turn it on and make my cup of Earl Grey tea and check out my virtual world. Not much going on today so I have cruised around and read the astro blurbs to see what's in store for us all, here is a small snippet of what I have found!! Click the link following to read more

"After all the turbulence of the past few months it is nice to have a couple of plain old fashioned, normal energy weeks. We head into eclipse season in a couple of weeks with powerful eclipses colliding with the stationing Saturn marking the true beginning of the next chapter of our lives. It is time to move forward. So enjoy this week and next. Kick back a bit. Have fun. Get rested. Settle into all the new energy. Stretch your arms and wiggle your toes. Enjoy your life."

That was a bit of a relief but a slight panic rose from within the depths when I read 'eclipse season' - my insides are still churning from the bumpy ride this year has presented so far, how much more can a koala bear??? 'The true beginning of the next chapter of our lives' scares me witless but I find I am also waiting with an anticipation I almost can't control, there is a part of me that is just screaming inside "Come ON, just get on with it for f*#^s sake!!" Patience is not one of my virtues, can't you tell? I want it and I want it NOW!! 


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