Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Quote of the day...spiritual experience

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Somewhere inside of us there is a secret key that will magically unlock 'self' and all it encompasses. We must shift our focus to what is within instead of what is without. Dream language is alive, speaking to us everyday. We live in dreams but our fears do not allow us to capture these dreams that roost so completely within our hearts. And what is the heart? The soul centre, and the soul being the multi-leveled essence that it is, has the ability to bestow these expressions, these dreams to us, if only we could swallow up our crippling fears the way they swallow us up. If we can reverse the cycle and see clearly and strengthfully our dreams are our souls expressing their forms within us, we shall know happiness and freedom in the realization that all our dreams are possible. For it is within that we see, hear and feel the true expressions of life. If we unlock our heart centre, we unlock the way to soul expression and we will live creatively and peacefully. 

Guardian Angel crystal art print by Lee Simmons

Believe that you can do anything and have the strength to conquer all obstacles that befall you. Listen to your heart and and inner voice will shine, letting you know always, you are not alone. That the love of the universe flies freely about you to comfort and lift you, give you inspiration and the strength needed to continue on your journey. Believe in the silent nation, the hidden watchers. Know they are there waiting for the signs from all of us. Our thoughts and actions activate their presence within our spheres. They are here to help us and guide us should we so ask, for we are all one, we are all connected by the same life force that runs it's threads throughout every single thing that is visible and invisible within this world and universe. With peace pervading our souls and love within our hearts we will fly, and when we look around, we will see the world is full of wonder and magick. Do something magickal for your self today...........


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