Monday, 1 August 2011

August, bring it on!!

Today we herald in the merry month of August. A pivotal month for me. I just happen to be a Leo, so happy birthday to me! Woohoo. It also marks the half way point of husband's big adventure. Although there does seem to be a little bit of a discrepancy between us as to exactly what is the halfway mark. As far as I'm concerned the three months training he signed up for before he left for Antarctica counts as being 'away'. He wasn't here, so......that means he was away!! Making a total of sixteen months absenteeism. Having reached the eighth month mark, now I can actually start counting down, the end is in sight (even if it is still a looong way away)!

It has been pretty tough. I could wax lyrical about it all being a journey of discovery and blah blah, but that won't change the fact that I don't think I have liked this separation very much at all. I'm a bit lost without my mate (actually a lot, God what was I thinking?). But my Leo big mouth did say, "Yes yes, off you go, I'll be fine, not a problem, have a rollicking good time." Who's sorry now?? Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge him his journey of discovery, he is having a rollicking good time. I just have to admit though, that it has been a hell of a lot tougher than I imagined it would be. 

 these links will take you to an interesting article on white lions and the white lion protection site


So I probably need to get over myself a bit having reached the half way point, no more sooky lah lah (I'm sure I have said this before). And what better way to get over yourself than a birthday. Leo's love a good birthday so I think I will have to treat myself to the most deliciously indulgent chocolate cake I can find and perhaps a couple of nice pressies that I couldn't possibly live without! Yes I can feel a celebration coming on. And a BIG Happy Birthday goes out to all my fellow lions, let's make it a birthday to remember..........


  1. Margot Losionek1 August 2011 at 11:05

    Time to bring out that magnificent lioness that lives inside you - make this second half of your solitary journey something to remember!!!

  2. My thoughts exactly Margot - have to somehow get out of my own way though to pull this off!!
    I know your continued guidance will uplift and inspire me and the occasional quick slap to get me back on track wouldn't go astray either LOL.


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