Saturday, 6 August 2011

Finding some inspiration.

August started off with a fab rush, the words flew from the keyboard and it was all go go go!! I was on a roll, woohoo and feeling good. Then something went boom and the well of wisdom had all dried up. Don't you just hate that! In an act of desperation I even asked my son what to write about, his suggestion was 2012 (plenty of weird and whacky theories about this particular year floating around out there). Now that would be a pretty ambitious task to take on, especially whilst the fires of creativity are only teeny tiny embers, so I might save that one for another day when my brain feels much bigger and I can keep a hold of the thoughts whirling around inside of it.

While twiddling my thumbs and trawling the net under the guise of inspiration, I came across a beautiful looking blog, see link below. (Seems we all have these uninspiring days, if you read AM's post!!) The background and the colours really appealed to the 'pretty' within me. I know I have my gorgeously stunning and serious looking snow leopard background, but inside all of us there are many different aspects or personas all vying for attention and the chance to 'get out' and express themselves. And one of those personas hiding inside of me just loves the shabby look. 


After checking out this very lovely blog I thought I better head on over to (who had created the background) and see what other pretties they had on offer. And I was a little blown away.......everything this wonderfully talented and gorgeous bunch of women have on their site is FREE!! This is not something you see very often in this day and age. Designing for the sheer joy of creating and then making your designs available for all to share. What an inspiration this team is. There are lots of cute buttons and sayings you can add to your blog as well, and I think I might, there were a couple there that really took my fancy. Now that I have been inspired I am off to have a very creative weekend!!

If you are really up for a creative challenge, this link will take you to a tutorial on making your own background. 

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