Saturday, 13 August 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!

Yes Happy Birthday to me, today is THE day!! Woohoo!! I am one of those lucky souls born on the 13th, the best number of course and also happens to be one of those magickal fibonacci numbers. Will certainly be a little different this year with gorgeous husband down there in the South Pole, and the cheeky sod has gone out for a three day trip on the ice to check out the penguin chicks (who are growing rapidly apparently) so I won't even get a phone call on my big day. BUT my wonderful friends Margot and Ray have driven all the way from Melbourne (8 hours) to spend the weekend with me. How spoilt am I?

the beautiful couple
How could I not have a great birthday with my special friends sharing my special day with me. I took to the streets yesterday to prepare for their arrival and managed to find a wicked birthday cake (I was going to make it myself but then thought, nooo lets be indulgent!!) So I toddled into Michel's Patisserie and my eyes went straight to the chocolate fudge happy birthday extravaganza, SOLD!!!

oops I left a finger print, don't tell anyone
There was a bit of synchronicity in the air as well, the chalk board outside the cake shop was displaying a beautiful message about friendship. So out came my phone and I took a pic to share with you. I was very impressed the universe was lighting my way with appropriate street wisdom whilst I was out and about gathering goodies to share with my wonderful friends, doesn't get any better than this.


  1. Hope you had a very special day. I laughed about you wishing yourself a very happy birthday. Would only have been more entertaining if you bought yourself some happy birthday banners and hung them around your home. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

  2. My pleasure Jim, birthdays are the best and probably some banners would have made it even better (I didn't think of that, too focused on my cake)!! It was a great day indeed.


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