Friday, 26 August 2011

Spring is almost here!!

We have had a spectacular week of brilliant sunshine, which is always so motivating after the cold, cloudy days of the long winter. Being outside and soaking up the beautiful sun warms the heart and makes the soul sing with life and all it's goodness. A mover and a shaker, the sun breathes life into all it touches and I look forward to the coming of Spring in a few days and all the activity that comes along with it.

I have found myself wandering in the garden this week enjoying the sunshine and breathing in the heady scent of the jasmine I planted last year. I absolutely adore the intoxicating aroma of this flower and have placed it not far from the back door on an archway. To my great delight it has grown like a weed and almost covered one whole side of the arch so the scent is quite luscious when I step outside on a balmy day. Jasmine is a natural anti-depressant so having this creeper growing out in the garden where you sit and ponder life, the universe and everything will help soothe a frazzled mind. A great pairing with Jasmine is Lavender, also a natural anti-depressant and great for protecting against negative energies. The links below will take you to more articles about the properties of these must have garden lovelies.

The combination of the sun's warm rays and the lush spring scents of course made me want to garden!! After wandering around and around in the nursery I decided I would plant food bearing plants, gosh what's going on here??? That is a somewhat practical kind of thought to have, usually unheard of where I am concerned!! So I chose some purple carrots, kale (a leafy spinach type plant which I love) spinach, cherry tomatoes and luscious strawberries.

Next was the preparation of numerous areas to plant in. Being a woman on a mission driven by the positive power of those rays of sunshine, I had prepared and planted in a day and now all my new baby seedlings are happy in the moist warm earth, singing and jiving in the sun right outside my back door. I don't know who this new practical person is but I'm pretty happy with her achievements so far and in fact there might even be some space left over for more veges! Off to the nursery we go.

Kale, great for salads when picking young leaves
purple carrots rich in magickal goodness
strawberries, full of vitamins and anti-oxidants


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  2. That is my pleasure Ravi, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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