Thursday, 8 September 2011


One of the biggest things being asked of us with the coming of the Age of Aquarius energies is to 'change'. Well, not so much asked as rail-roaded!! It is happening all around us everyday, life as we know it is suddenly coming apart and we are being pushed outside of our comfort zone. We humans aren't all that fey with change are we?? We like to feel safe and cozy and have things just cruising along the way they always have been. Laid back, relaxed and all very 'caj fab'!! But change is necessary for us to grow. A very cliche' thing to say I know, amazingly though it's true, even if we don't like it.

I remember having to learn how to swim at school when I was quite young, didn't want to do that!! I have a very vivid vision of myself being lifted gently into the swimming pool, all the while screaming like someone was trying to murder me, bloodcurdling screams, they really were out to torture and kill me from where I was dangling. And what do you know, someone turned out to be a fish, I could have been a mermaid I was so fast in the water, so fast I always had to compete above my age group in the swimming carnivals and I always won.

We arrive with a blueprint, our life plan is embedded subconsciously to guide us through what we have come here to achieve. We also have a little thing called free will, so we can choose to arrive at our destination via a hundred different pathways. Sometimes if we get too far off the beaten track the universe will see to it that a 'change' will steer us back in the right direction. Generally what we think is going to kill us (like the swimming lessons) actually opens another pathway that moves us beyond our self-imposed limits so we can grow bigger and better than before and kicking and screaming usually has no effect whatsoever. A very wise teacher once said to me, "It's not what happens to us that is important, it's how we deal with it that is!"

So we need to learn to embrace change when it appears on our doorstep and try to keep a healthy perspective and focus. Things that will no longer be useful in the coming Age of Aquarius are being dropped away from us at the moment (this includes the people in our personal relationships as well) and I have seen in my own life many changes these last couple of years. I had a healthy, thriving business, my website but I have watched as the sales have dropped away dramatically. Now some could say the current economic climate is to blame, and I'm sure that is part of it but the underlying issue is, I am supposed to be reworking my own life plan and pushing myself creatively into another area (the website was so busy I focused all of my energy into it to the exclusion of everything else and I enjoyed it immensely so it is really hard to let it go). The powers that be want me to write and when I don't do what is asked of me, things mysteriously move to block me, it just gets taken right out of my hands. I have seen it over and over. Now I may sit here and rant and rave about the injustice of it all and carry on like a pork chop (husband will attest to this, can be the drama queen on occasion!!) But when I shift my focus to what is ahead I usually come around (a couple more mini tantys get thrown in for good measure 'just in case' they might have a change of heart) and then I get on with it.

We are all being asked to 'clean up our act' both externally and internally, spring clean, toss out the old to make way for the new. It is time to go through our cupboards and toss everything that is no longer useful and this extends into our personal relationships as well. There is movement in every corner of our lives pushing us forward so that we may move cleanly into the Age of Aquarius energies. It is time for all of us to step up, to be who we are and all that we can be. When we do, amazing things will happen. I just look at my husband and how he has achieved his life long dream, and think how brave and extraordinary he is for having the guts, drive and determination to grab his dream and run with it. It is tough being 6,000 kilometers away in Antarctica, separated from everyone he knows and loves, but he is having the experience of a lifetime and this will change his whole perspective and life as he knows it. A whole new world has opened up before him because he pushed himself beyond his limits. So when change knocks on your door, don't be afraid, embrace it with all of your heart, know that the universe is behind you and that there will be treasures for you to find ahead.

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