Saturday, 8 October 2011

Reading the signs

You know, it doesn't matter how many times it happens to you, when you are in tune with the universe and can clearly read the signs it sends to let you know you are on the right track and everything is falling into place, it is still the most incredible feeling knowing how intricately interwoven the threads of life, the universe and everything are. And it is incredibly humbling feeling the awe and the pure joy of realization that we are all connected, cared for and guided by forces other than ourselves.

Signs are everywhere, we only need to tune in. Many people dismiss them as they can sometimes be the simplest of things; a piece of music, a smell, a picture, spoken words, the appearance of a bird, anything. But they are a message, a guiding light reassuring you of your decision or pathway forward. Even just a hello from a loved one, a reminder that they are still around and following your progress, loving you from beyond. All you have to do is trust yourself enough to make the association.

I have been shown so many signs in my travels and I am forever grateful for them and the fact that I have enough trust in the universe to believe it is guiding me through this big obstacle course we call life. Signs are life changing and are an affirmation that yes, this is the right pathway for you to walk right now. I would like to share a couple of my biggies so you can understand where I am coming from here.

When my husband and I met we had both been married before and had five children between us. A pretty involved and complicated setup you would agree, and possibly one that many would walk away from for the simple fact that there would be so much extra baggage making it a very difficult relationship to wade through. My first sign regarding this relationship was pretty unusual. I was painting a lot at that time and suddenly became fixated with a particular scene that just appeared in my head. Painted it over and over, just a small piece in watercolours. After doing around six I put them away and didn't think anything of them until about a year later when I met the gorgeous husband. The first time I walked into his house and looked out the front window, there was the scene I had painted. Everything was correct, the river, the bank of willows through the centre of the river, where the sun rises, the gently sloping hills. Upon seeing this I nearly melted through the floor. The only thing I got wrong was two big boulders I had painted in were actually very round looking trees!! Gobsmacked and shell shocked I walked away thinking to myself, okay, this could be valid, this could be the relationship I had decided I was never going to find.

The next one came further into the relationship, we were at his mum's (Nanny and Pop's) and out of the blue Mr Gorgeous called me Flossie. Now this sent chills up my spine and I froze on the spot. I very carefully turned and asked "Why did you call me that??" To which he replied, "I thought I heard Pop call you Flossie." But Pop didn't call me Flossie, no one had called me Flossie since my father died twenty years prior. That was dad's name for me, not even my mother or brother called me Flossie, only dad. So this was a clear sign from my father that this is the one I should spend the rest of my life with (and this was fifteen years ago). Thanks dad, he's not too bad at all, you were absolutely correct and I think I might just keep him! The funny thing about that was Flossie then stuck, and now just about everyone calls me Flossie!!

It is important to just trust, trust yourself and the universe. Listen and look and you will see the signs sent to guide you along your pathway as well. Sometimes they don't hit you in the face at the very moment you receive it, it might come in a flash later, OMG I just had a sign. Know that you are loved and cared for by the universe and there is always guidance available when you need it.

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