Thursday, 17 November 2011

House of a thousand cat beds!!

Okay, today we are going to have some totally useless twaddle. Some days the brain just can't organize itself to operate on a higher level and today is one of those days (well, has been this way for quite a few days just quietly, but don't tell).

We all love our pets, they are a constant source of amusement, give nothing but unconditional love and enrich our lives like nothing else can. The other day I came across a statement on the net that said cats sleep between 16-18 hours a day!! I had never really thought about their sleeping habits in that context before and was quite gobsmacked to think such a huge portion of the day (well lets face it, practically the whole day) was allotted to sleeping. Hhmmm think I've been gipped, I'd like to be a cat.

With this new info shlooping around inside my brain I found myself taking note of just how long my rascally pair did sleep and discovered it was in fact, a true statement. But that was not the only thing that was revealed to me. They are bed hoppers!! Truly, how many beds can you sleep in, in one day? I will show you.

Spooky cat sleeping on my desk behind my computer.

Close-up view of her royal cuteness behind the computer!!

Now we might try on TOP of the desk where no mere mortal can reach us.

Yes, I AM the Queen of this castle.

Vacate my chair for five minutes and come back to find madam has taken over and redecorated with her muddy paw prints. I guess that is a ha ha you won't sit here now sort of a statement.

Yes I DO fit into this box thankyou very much, I do not need to go on a weight loss program.

Okay, maybe I do need a bigger box!!

Not to be out done in the box bed stakes, here is Miss Kitty with her paw to the floor, ready to make that quick getaway should the need arise. 

Husband will freak out in Antarctica when he sees this one!! One of Miss Kitty's fave spots is the table. As you can see we don't really sit there to eat (yes husband I have developed some bad habits while you have been away, I now sit on the lounge to eat my dinner, oops, I know how much you hate that), it is more of a receptacle to hold all the website stuff that needs to be listed LOL!! Miss Kitty also likes to sleep on tiny bits of fabric as you can see here, actually any fabric will do, including any clothes I might leave laying around. Miss Kitty is also one of those 'sleep with my eyes open, I'm watching you' people, which is a bit freaky really.

Definitely into lush this one, the fabric connoisseur!!

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