Saturday, 10 December 2011

Husband in Antarctica 2011

I thought I should probably do an update seeing husband has been in Antarctica for 10 months now. Having a wow of a time of course, checking out all that gorgeous icy white scenery and the cute penguins. It's not all beer and skittles though as he would say, there have been some tough moments when the machinery and amenities they have to work on just won't play ball. Or it's blizzing so bad they can't get from A to B and the howling winds during the night keep them awake. At the moment though there is no night, it's full on sunshine for a month so sleeping is very disrupted. But they seem to be a tough bunch with great spirit, who all look out for each other and also have a knack for spotting when things are getting to someone. Then they rally round and cheer each other up so they can continue on with their very special journey. The journey of a life time for sure.

husband working on the outdoor pipes

bit of a blizzard happening

husband looking a tad pensive out on a trip

Having said all this, let it also be known that they seem to be party animals who indulge often in 7or10 course celebratory meals. They welcome in 'this' and see out 'that' and dress rather unusually for some of these festive occasions too I might add!! These pics I probably shouldn't show, can't have it known husband has taken a fancy to cross dressing now can I?? There is a rather disturbing photo of him floating around in a maids costume, seriously husband!! Murder mystery evening, dart play offs between stations via video link up and the list goes on. Needless to say I have informed husband there will be no ten course meals with fancy dress when he arrives home, life will go back to being pretty ordinary for him I'm afraid. Running through the snow in the freezing cold weather naked isn't as popular as one might think, but it has been done!! And this week it was shorts and t-shirt time at just -1.5 degrees so I'm thinking husband might fry a little when he arrives home to the end of summer in the mid thirties.

Scotty the chef obviously does a fantastic job with the gourmet meals

yep!!! I'd like to be at this restaurant

the dining room

Technically husband has been out of this house for over a year, as there was a three month training stint in Tassie to begin with before they even set off on the big orange ship to Antarctica. So that's where I'm counting from!!! I really can't believe how much time has passed since that tearful day at the airport, but here it is a year later??? Just where has that time evaporated to?? I look behind me and can't see much of anything but fog really, I think I have been in a bit of a daze/haze while he has been gone doing his thing down there in the South Pole. I am certainly looking forward to his return and it is almost countdown time. Mid march he is due home, so we will get through Christmas and then the countdown will begin!! Bring it on!

buildings around the base

checking out the penguin rookery

how cute are these

Some of these pics have come via husband and some I have nicked from the other guys blogs and the AAD's Icy news. Check out the following links for more great pictures of their Antarctic adventures.

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