Monday, 23 January 2012

Hunting for Sea Glass

We had a fantastic time treasure hunting along the South Australian coastline this weekend. I was on the lookout for sea glass, which I have never found before. Mind you I have never really looked for it and I guess this makes all the difference to the 'discovering' aspect doesn't it? Most of the pieces are quite small, and scattered in amongst some of the beaches filled with pebbles, it was quite amazing we even found any. There was a ton of amber almost (slight exaggeration I know) Australia is the home of the brown beer bottle afterall!! But we found some beautiful sea foams and frosty whites, even found a tiny piece of Willow Pattern pottery. I fairly leapt into the air with that fantastic find.

I have been quite fascinated with sea glass lately, the colourful remnants invoke visions of epic journeys and faraway lands. Obviously it is calling me to do something creative with it, or maybe just the sea is calling me?? We did find a few pieces that are of jewellery quality, so I might try and come up with some gorgeous mermaid inspired pieces. I do love wandering the beach looking for sea treasures and can spend hours and hours soaking up the serenity. There is something very magickal and soothing about the sea.

this is our gorgeous collection of colours
and this is our 'ton' of brown, well almost a ton

Check out this beautiful website if you also have a fascination. It is a really gorgeous site full of info and glass to buy if you can't make the journey to find some yourself. I know what will happen now, I will be day dreaming about sea glass hunting.

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