Thursday, 2 February 2012

Crystal Focus - Andara volcanic glass

A huge aura of mystery surrounds this incredibly beautiful and ethereal stone. The first time I laid eyes on them, I knew I had to have some and have been working with, and collecting them ever since. They are exquisite if you place them with the light entering from behind, luminous and vibrant, mesmerizing and almost intoxicating.

Andaras are used to access the higher dimensions of consciousness. Andaras will open and cleanse each chakra and will detoxify any form of negativity. The healing vibrations are amazing and out of this world. The Andaras will help increase your access to all Universal knowledge and will greatly accelerate your spiritual development. Andaras are one of the best crystals for giving one the ability to channel and are perfect for healing.

The Andaras are ancient healing crystals that have been around for eons and are believed to have been used in the healing temples of Atlantis and Lemuria, but only now in recent years are they being recognized in the Western world as a powerful healer and ascension tool for spiritual advancement. They are all Heliocentric which simply means they absorb and reflect light which is why they have become such a popular choice for healers and collectors the world over. Their popularity is not only based on beauty alone. Their energies are very powerful and can be quite intense at times but you will always have a positive experience when using and working with Andara Crystals. Andaras are available in such beautiful colours due to rare trace mineral deposits of metal oxides found in the soil. 

As they look just like a chunk of glass there has been much speculation about this crystal/glass. Is it real? Is it fake? Is it just plain old glass? How can I tell the difference? The following link will take you to some more information about the Andara glass. If you look on the right side bar of this site you will see numerous articles, all very well written by an expert in this field.

if you would like to purchase some go here

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