Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Crystal Focus - Andara Volcanic Glass jewellery

Wearing crystals in the form of jewellery, is the perfect way to benefit from the healing and energizing properties of your crystals. Always let your intuition guide you when selecting your crystals, our Higher Selves will point us toward the energies we are in need of, if we listen. And don't forget to cleanse your beautiful piece frequently, as wearing constantly will soon negate the positive powers it brings to you as it absorbs the unwanted energies surrounding you.

The purple Andara holds the Merlin's Light energy - the energy of magick. It brings forth vision and manifestation, and gives access to many dimensions. It has a powerful magickal alchemy which helps activate the third eye and improves intuition.

The luminescent Sapphire Blue Andara carries the gifts of power, will, drive, confidence and strength and is connected to the Source energies. It activates the throat chakra and helps to align one's will to the path of greater good.

The Ane'la Andara is the angel stone holding the field of one's intention. It helps bring forth the clearest expression of one's 'Source Consciousness' that can be embodied. It allows the possibility of receiving, ascending and integrating potential that the Ane'la Consciousness embodies via the Angelic frequencies.

The Oracle Clear Andara holds the energy of clarity and brilliance, and is a channel for wisdom, focus and truth. It is a director of energy and can assist opening a doorway to your future.

Sterling silver wire wrapped Andara pendants available at this link.

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