Sunday, 19 February 2012

When wrong is right.

When I first stumbled on this, my brain did an indignant back flip and postulated how incorrect it was. But it was a little like that advert on TV, "It gets in, like the chalk." It kept appearing before me every time I went to the Pinterest site to see what delights were on offer for the day. It was stalking me I decided. And indeed it was, until the penny dropped and I got the message loud and clear!!!

I had it in my head that a wrong choice was just that, a wrong choice with nothing beneficial about it at all. Just a disastrous slap in the face and something to move on from pretty quickly to avoid the pain and senselessness of it. Dare I admit it?? I couldn't have been more wrong..........

Sometimes we move through life with blinkers on, we have a set path before us and we will not diverge from it, under any circumstances almost. Then along comes that little slip up, the wrong choice, and wham, we find ourselves outside of our comfort zone and experiencing something we would not have experienced had we continued moseying along with our blinkers done up tight!!!

The 'discovery' process can be a little difficult though. At first there could be a few tantrums etc, oh this is so not me, not in my plan, how could this happen, why why why??? Until you take a step back and view the situation with different eyes. If you can do this, and there is an art to it, complete honesty with yourself being the key ingredient, the universe will show you why it directed you to make that wrong choice. 

Happened to me this week!! I had been cruizing along looking at the page that said, this is what I want to be, instead of the page that said this is what I AM. That one wrong choice really did bring me to the right place.................

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