Thursday, 1 March 2012

The ship is finally in at Mawson Station

Yes, after just over a year of waiting for the return of my intrepid explorer husband, the ship has finally made it into the bay at Mawson. What a sight to behold!! Now I can allow myself to start generating a little excitement. They have around a weeks worth of unloading and then re-loading with all the gear that has to return to Hobart. A mammoth task I'm sure, as there are cranes and shipping containers, hagglunds and a few years worth of odd stuff that has accumulated because the ship hasn't been able to get into the iced over bay these last couple of years. They will have their work cut out for them!!

There will be mixed feelings on both fronts, Mawson and home. From all the communication with husband, I have gathered that the entire wintering crew are a great bunch of people. The friendships they have formed from their year of tight living will probably bond them together for the rest of their lives, so it will be incredibly difficult for them all to part company. On the home front families are waiting though, and it will be like Christmas, only better, when we finally get to see their faces again. It has been a big year, with much water flowing under the proverbial bridge!! And I did manage to leave some weeding for husband, knowing how much he would have missed getting his hands into that nice brown earth and green grass!!

Safe journey guys, and Lisa. See you all in Hobart in a few weeks. YEEHAH!!

husband on the left

Thanks Mark, I stole your pics - again!!!

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