Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hunting for Seaglass, again!!

Okay, I have been absent from my blog for long enough!!! Husband Rodney has settled back in to semi-normal living LOL. We have had four weeks of holidaying and catching up while he re-adjusts to life as he knew it before Antarctica. To finish off we have just spent five days in a little cabin by the beach, hunting for seaglass, fishing and enjoying quiet moments together before life truly gets back to 'normal'. It was wonderful to spend so much time together, incorporating things we both love into the one trip. Did I want to come home?? Not really, I could live by the sea. It was magickal walking up and down the beach for a few hours each day.

Fishing was not so successful. First catch was a nice lump of seaweed, and only a couple of little fishies which were throw backs. I did manage to catch a tommy rough, all by myself I might add, which we gave to a gorgeous little girl who was out on the jetty fishing with her mum and dad, using her own purple rod which matched her snazzy purple fishing outfit. She was very happy to have the weeny thing, as she was four and it would be just the right size for her dinner!

first catch, nice lump of seaweed
My haul was amazing though, the amount of seaglass we found was phenomenal. It really is like hunting for treasure, it gets in the blood and I was off in another world meandering slowly through the piles of pebbles along the secluded beach we found. It was great having another set of eyes to help, although I think husband might be a better spotter than me, he even managed to score a sharks tooth and a rather large piece of nicely weathered and rolled, willow pattern pottery!!

my new recruit
Looking for seaglass requires a nice pebbly beach, best time to look is obviously low tide. I had purchased a Seaglass book which suggested the optimum time is after a storm or a full moon, and as it happened we were at the beach right at the full moon, which of course made it all the more other-worldy and magickal. We found an amazing amount of beautiful pieces, some jewellery quality (these are nicely rounded with smooth edges all over, no chips) mostly brown glass but some gorgeous seafoams, greens and clears.

perfect pile for finding treasures
nice brown piece sitting on the sand
nice piece of a seafoam bottle, beautifully smoothed
part of the weekends treasure find
As you can see we found lots of beautiful pieces. This is such a peaceful and relaxing passion. There is nothing better than walking a beautiful beach for a few hours looking for treasure. Who knows what you could turn up!!

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