Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Star Seeds

What is a Star Seed?? More and more information is surfacing about just this subject. Many believe there are awakened beings wandering this earth with the express purpose of helping humanity during this time of the great dimensional shift, by assisting in anchoring the light and energies needed to get us across the line so to speak.

Ultimately we have all emanated from the stars according to the native cultures across the world. Maybe we are all in various stages of 'awakening'? Star Seeds exhibit certain characteristics and there are many questionnaires available to help you understand or determine if you may fall into this category.

Here you will find some useful links about this topic that will hopefully answer any questions you have. 

Friday, 13 July 2012

The Teddy Bear

There is nothing more comforting than a favourite teddy bear, warm, cuddly and loving. Like chicken noodle soup, they make everything feel better when you are feeling bad. I know these pandas aren't teddy bears, but they might as well be, they are so adorable and you could just hug and hug them all day long!!

I am a teddy bear collector and have way too many to count, big ones, little ones, mohair ones, even a Halloween teddy, who would have thought?? I still have the Pandas my brother and I were given as children. Not quite as cute as the above pic, but they are still adorable all these years later. There is definitely something magick about teddys, they do seem to be able to cure all ills. If you are feeling out of sorts, hug a teddy today and you will feel much much better.

Click the following link if you would like to learn the history of the teddy bear, hasn't been around as long as I thought anyway.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

The 11:11 Phenomenon.

I have been having rather interesting synchronicity moments lately. Seems every time I get into the car just about, or look at my phone, or even just reading random stuff, there before me appears 11:11 all very mysterious like. Even when I took mum to town in her car, it was there on her car clock. Now I know in terms of numerology, 11 is a master number. The double digit numbers are never broken down as with all the other numbers, as they represent a 'doubling' of the power of the initial number (being in this case a 1). In numerology 11 represents higher ideals, invention, refinement, balance, fulfillment and vision. But what exactly does 11:11 represent, and why has it been popping up on just about every digital time displaying item around me lately (this has occurred at least 10-15 times in a very short space)?? In my spare time yesterday I decided I would see what I could find about this curious occurrence.

It seems from my reading that the symbol of 11:11 is a complex symbol having multiple related meanings and purposes. From the outset, 11:11 is a symbol that announces that a particular change is imminent and that a new course in your destiny has been prepared. It is also a symbol of chaos because the moment of change is marked by the shifting of one pattern - or way / state of being - into another. When you see 11:11, you are being told that a certain variable has been introduced into your life and that it will alter it somehow. Hhhhmm, considering all the changes that have been occurring in my life over the last eighteen months, I think I will go with this one, it pretty much fits as change is definitely afoot for me in almost every area of my life. It is like all of my contracts etc are being rewritten right now!!

Another meaning which quite tweaked my fancy is this one - 11:11 signifies spiritual awakening, as this number seems to be predominantly noticed by those who have begun their spiritual journeys. It may also be seen as a code to unlock the subconscious mind. Now I can say I have been on the spiritual journey road for many many years, but perhaps this will be the culmination of all those years of work - study, and the chaos that surrounds me at this moment with all the changes will eventually shift into a more powerful awakening, move me to the right point at the right time so that I will be able to blossom into all that I can be. As with anything, it all comes down to interpretation, but it all sort of fits so I am happy I went looking to uncover the mysterious nature of the 11:11 phenomenon. Coincidence some would say, but I think not!! I don't subscribe to the 'coincidence' factor, I believe everything happens for a reason and we are shown signs everyday to help us move forward and onto the best path possible for our own growth. If you would like to read more, follow the links below to some rather full-on explanations about this unusual subject.

photo by Jan Custers, see following link

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Million Acts of Kindness donation page.

Morning everyone, as you might know the Million Acts of Kindness site is trying to reach the 'million acts of kindness' target. We joined up very late and so far it seems they are falling way short of the mark with only a week left. So it's full steam ahead with smiling at strangers and other totally random things like making a co-worker a cup of tea of coffee. It's a lot of fun and I have been trying to be kind everyday. If you would like to jump on board follow the link below.

I have also discovered this morning (yes very late into the program) they also have a fundraising section. You can choose the charity you would like your funds to go to and set up a page that people can donate directly to. The funds are channeled straight to The Everyday Hero program and distributed to the charity of your choice.

I have set up a page and chosen one of my favourite charities, the RSPCA. They do amazing work to help all the animals who are abandoned or mistreated. If you follow the link below it will take you to the page and if you are able you can make a donation direct. There is also a widget at the left side of the blog which will keep everyone informed of our progress (although it doesn't appear to be working just yet LOL). I have set a low target as there isn't much time left for this event, but hopefully we can gather some funds to help out our furry friends. I have started off with a donation of $50. Don't forget even the cost of a single cup of coffee from your favourite coffee shop will feed an animal for a day, every little bit helps. We thankyou so much for your kindness and for your generosity. Blessings and have a great day!!

As of 9 Jul 2012 the fundraising has finished so no links available anymore.

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